Entrepreneurship and Business Development: Startups Incubator

The Brazil International Foundation, in partnership with Research Park of Florida Atlantic University (FAU), aims to stimulate closer ties between Brazil and the United States, specifically between university incubators in both countries.

Similar to the State University of Londrina, FAU also has a technology-based business incubator, which is located in the Institution's Research Park. Previously, an approach was developed with the Fluminense Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in the areas of social sciences, politics and international relations. This partnership has already resulted in the exchange of teachers between institutions, academic research, and it was in this contact that we became aware of Aintec.

The Brazil International Foundation was contacted by Research Park / FAU to accelerate its relationship with Brazilian entities. FAU has an interest in knowing other incubators and institutions, aiming to develop the area of ​​entrepreneurship and to exchange ideas, technological information, financial and intellectual capital. According to Mr. Aloysio Vasconcellos, this interest is mainly due to Brazil being Florida's largest trading partner. Through this exchange of information, joint efforts can be studied and developed, a great opportunity to improve the living conditions of Brazilian migrants, community workers in Florida, and to all, in general, through an intense exchange of ideas, debates direct and specific, at a high level, enabling the immediate exchange of technological exchange.

Aloysio Vasconcellos had the opportunity to meet an associated company and two incubated in the International Incubator of Technological Base of UEL (Intuel): Biotech, Eduletrando and Rhizotech. Biotech, an affiliate of Aintec, was formed from a research group in the microbiology area of ​​the University. Among the solutions that the company presents, is the biofertilizer with antibiotic properties for the control of agricultural diseases. Rhizotech, also in the agricultural area that produces high-efficiency inoculants for corn, wheat and tomato crops. The incubated company operates in the field of research and development of technologies that reduce production costs and reduce the environmental impacts associated with the use of industrialized mineral fertilizers. Eduletrando is an educational startup that works with content creation and virtual reality on three fronts: entertainment, education and business.

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